I am a performance coach with a doctoral degree in sport and performance psychology, and a master’s degree and licensure in counseling and chemical dependency counseling.

Working as a Clinical Director at a residential drug and alcohol treatment led me to an exploration of performance psychology. I wanted to know how to build people up, based on their strengths, versus staying bogged down in their problems.

While I am still a therapist, I also coach athletes, business professionals and regular folks on how to better their performance. Sport and performance psychology isn’t therapy, and that isn’t the nature of Mind Right Performance.

The words which will live in this blog will come from a variety of sources. I will share technical and research oriented stuff, personal stuff in the form of stories insights and observations, and whatever else crosses my path that I think might help.

I hope the information presented is of value and I hope it help increase performance and enjoyment for you.

Dr J.


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