How does mental skill training help?


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They say sports are 10% physical and 90% mental, yet mental skills training is overlooked. An athlete’s mental game is often seen as fixed, but that’s not the case. Like anything else, mental skills are 100% trainable. Just like with physical elements of sport, the mental side needs coaching and guided reps to see the most benefit.

Mental skills training is an educational approach, using sport psychology fundamentals, to mastering the mental aspects of peak performance.

Individually with athletes, we work to develop mental skills that create consistent, repeatable, peak performance. These skills include mental toughness, positive mindset, goal setting, focus, anxiety/emotion/excitement level management, building routines, use of imagery, and self-talk. Mind Right’s online sport psychology training platform teaches these skills as well, in a convenient, easy to navigate platform.

In working with parents, we help you understand the sport psychology principles that build a dominant mental game and inspire peak performance in your youth athlete. This knowledge helps you provide better structure, feedback, and advice to your athlete and gives a broader awareness of the things that sit underneath high performance. You will support improvements in their athletic performance, develop better communication with your athlete (about sports and in general), and learn to enjoy sport performance more.

We also offer an online training program designed specifically for parents. The course gives you the tools to help your athlete perform consistently, at the high end of their ability. You will learn the of theory and science behind peak performance and how to maximize growth in their physical and mental games. The information in the online course is also available in Dr. J’s book, The Drive to Thrive.

In working with teams, we help them become cohesive, high functioning systems that perform well consistently. We help the organization, coaches and support staff infuse the principles of sport psychology and a high performance mindset into the system. We work together to craft a long-term plan to build consistent and repeatable organizational practices and/or incorporate a mental skills training program and mental performance coaching into your organization. We can work with individuals, coaches, teams and/or the entire organization. This includes one-on-one instruction, presentations, and clinics. We can come to you and offer individualized services to meet your specific needs. We can also provide services through video conferencing.

Hi there, I am Dr J. I am the Chief Inspiration Officer at Mind Right Performance. I help folks get their “Mind Right” through my sport & performance psychology practice. I work face-to-face or through Zoom. I also offer comprehensive online sport psychology programs, one for athletes, and one for parents of athletes.
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