Motivational Climate & Performance


coaches corner

There are two types of motivational climates created by coaches and parents by their teaching, coaching, comments, and philosophies:

Ego Involving Climate
In ego-involving climates, competence and natural ability are king. Focus is on winning rather than improvement. This is less desirable, creates avoidance of anything that isn’t winning, and degrades performance. Ego-involving climates create negative thoughts and feelings, disable internal motivation, and create bad attitudes and disharmony.

Mastery Involving Climate
In a mastery-involving climate, success is defined in terms of self-improvement, mastery, effort, and learning. This is what you want. An athlete working toward and focusing on mastery will be a better performer. You will see more persistence, fewer excuses, more fun, and higher performance.

The feedback from the athlete’s systems (parents, coaches, etc.) defines what makes up success. This shapes how an athlete comes to understand their value and approach performances. What are you promoting?

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