She choked, big time…



She choked, big time. There is no other way to define my daughter’s performance that night. Her struggles were only one small part of her team’s devastating loss, deep in the playoffs last season. There is one shot in particular which illustrates her choke the best. It was an attempted, turning roll shot. The ball rebounded off the net and dribbled to her feet instead of arching to the opposite side of the court. When it happened, I could see the devastation in her face. I ached to be able to make it better. I couldn’t of course. An amazing season ended in utter disappointment for her and her team. The long hug outside the locker room was hard, it was difficult to hold my five-foot-ten “baby” in my arms and feel her pain, knowing I couldn’t make it better like a hundred skinned knees I had before. What I did know, and what gave me comfort, is that moment will bear fruit not only in her sports career, but in life. As a parent and coach, I know that every tear she shed was watering the desire to crush it next time. There is a fire in her that drives her because she tasted round three of the playoffs, she wants to taste round four. She lost to the number one team in the nation in front of a venue packed to the rafters. The next time she hears the roar and feels the buzz of full house, with everything on the line, she wants to win.

Losing is good for your athlete, it’s where they learn who they are are. Let them struggle.

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