It doesn’t matter if YOUR coach was a hardass


coaches corner

Sport Psychology focuses on positives. Parents should focus on positives too. This is especially true for kids with negative coaches. Positive focus dwells on what is right and inspires more of the same. We have high hopes for our kids when it comes to performance. Even in the YMCA days, when score isn’t kept, everyone knows who won. Especially the kids. We want our athletes to shine and win and excel and have a good time. Make no mistake though, when I talk about positivity, it isn’t a call for unmerited praise. I am not presenting an “everyone gets a trophy” perspective. This is science – the positive brain is more productive, creative and functional than the negative brain, period. Parent, it doesn’t matter if your coach was a hard-ass and you “did just fine.” It doesn’t matter that “kids today have it easy.” If you want high level performance, negativity and punishment diminish performance and positivity enhances it. This is about building and growth, not destruction. Even the hardest-ass coaches and parents can be positive and still be tough.

The approach isn’t about thinking positively, being uber-supportive or pretending everything is great when it isn’t. It is about operating from a platform of strengths. Come see me, we can do a strengths assessment, increase your strengths vocabulary and get you soaring in the right direction.


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